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We like Wecyclers

17 Aug , 2014  

Wecyclers is a start-up that is helping to create a new economy in Lagos, Nigeria. Supported by the government, their current business model is to pick up recyclable material every week from their subscribers' homes, sort it and sell it to industrial partners. As in most of the developing world, waste is a growing, toxic problem.

Wecyclers use low-cost tricycles as their means of collecting plastic, metal, and other materials that have an existing market. Their subscribers live in low-income areas with little experience and no infrastructure for managing waste.

Their cooperative business model is different from the ones employed by Recnowa, the Garbage Clinical Insurance and the WOW Farm but is also focused on creating a positive social impact, job creation and reducing waste.


  • 31 employees in a country with extremely high unemployment
  • 3,400 subscribed households in low-income communities
  • High volume of PET and aluminum collected

How it works

Wecyclers ideal for materials recovery in low-income communities.  Src:

Wecyclers ideal for materials recovery in low-income communities.

  • Weekly collection schedule using low-cost tricycles
  • Points-based, incentivized return business model
  • Sorting facility to bundle materials and sell

Learn more about Wecyclers.


Featured image: Wecyclers bicycle via RoadtoLasGidi

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