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Twice — online consignment store for women’s clothing

2 May , 2014  

Twice is a young start-up company based in Oakland that is trying to close the loop on slightly used clothing.

The online clothing consignment store leverages internet technology and employs buyers and merchandisers to ease the exchange between sellers and buyers.

Just over two years old, the company has grown with the help of angel and venture capital from Andreessen Horowitz, IA Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, CrunchFund, High Line Venture Partners and others.

The model isn't necessarily oriented towards the economy, but it's a step in that direction. Twice limits the types of women's clothing they promote and sell to high-end brands. Would-be sellers can get the clothing that they were unsuccessful in selling on Twice back (for $5 to cover shipping). Any items rejected by Twice are donated to Goodwill.

It's not a landfill-free model by any means, but it does incentivize sellers to extend the life of their clothing, even if for just a short time.

11-9-2015 update:

Twice is no longer. Their website reads:

Dear Customers & Friends,

In 2012, we founded Twice in a small Oakland warehouse. We slept on futons in our offices, and used the kitchen to store inventory. We offered 24-hour customer service because we figured that no one would ever call in the middle of the night (we were wrong). Every afternoon, our USPS driver would call us when she was 15 minutes away — enough time for us to run downstairs and pack up all our orders for the day.

Over the past three and a half years, so much has changed. We’ve expanded from women’s clothing to shoes, handbags, and men’s fashion. We’ve bought and sold millions of pieces of clothing from customers in every state and a dozen countries. And we’ve attracted some of the best investors, advisors and employees in the world.

But some things haven’t changed. Our vision for Twice has always been to make selling as easy as shopping, and to make buying used feel like buying new. Today, we’re announcing the next step toward that vision — our technical leadership and engineering team will be joining eBay to help power eBay Valet, and Twice has shut down.

Thank you so much for your support over the years — we never could have gotten here without you, and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who’s helped us along the way. And stay tuned for some exciting announcements at eBay Valet.


Noah Ready-Campbell and Calvin Young
Twice Founders


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  1. Abbey Milton says:

    As far as the women are concerned they are very particular about their clothing and for that they are suppose to get intact with some online stores as well, which will give them the best deals in a very affordable price as well.

    • on the new economy says:

      It’s true. One of the risks associated with new closed loop businesses is demand. Will women trust that they can buy clothing that will fit them and that they like from an online used clothing retailer? Will businesses like Twice and Sitting in My Closet make it? What’s worked and what’s difficult about running a business like yours?

  2. […] was acquired by eBay in 2015 to launch their new service eBay Valet. Their aim was to make selling as easy as shopping. eBay Valet has strong advantages namely their wide customer base, steady reputation as an online […]

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