Fuel from Sunlight, Water and Air

3 Jun , 2016  

Have you heard about this? In 2011, MIT published an article about MIT Professor Daniel Nocera and his team. They'd done something impressive: they'd created an "artificial leaf".

Leaves convert carbon dioxide, water, and some salts into carbohydrates via photosynthesis, a complex process that uses the energy from the sun and chlorophyll (the green pigment in leaves).… [Read the rest]

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Circular Economy,cityscapes,Zero Waste

Do airports fit into a circular economy?

15 May , 2014  

One of the opening speakers at last week’s Zero Waste Business Council (ZWBC) Conference in Atlanta was Michael Cheyne, Director of Sustainability at Hartsfield-Jackson airport (ATL). Cheyne laid out a zero waste plan – already being executed – for the airport, as well as a vision for closing the loop on the airport’s energy systems.

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