Disposable Coffee Cups: From Your Lips to the Landfill

10 Nov , 2015  

Reposted from original post by ecotulip, September 28, 2010

People sometimes complain that recycling is not only too hard, but also too expensive, and that it’s better to just throw things “away”.

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new services

Reuse that wood!

17 Oct , 2015  

Upcycling, reuse and recycling options for wood and wood products is a new online directory for waste wood reuse and recycling in North America.

The website is the result of a collaboration among the American Wood Council, representing 75 percent of the North American wood products manufacturing industry, the Canadian Wood Council, representing manufacturers of Canadian wood products used in construction, and the Building Materials Reuse Association, an educational non-profit geared at expanding the construction and demolition reclamation industry.… [Read the rest]

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Circular Economy

JetBlue leads the industry in uniform recycling

13 Oct , 2014  

Late in September, JetBlue's crew members did something new with their old uniforms. The company issued new uniforms and took a leadership position in their industry by asking their crew members to give their old uniforms--about eight pieces of clothing per person--to recycling and reuse efforts. Part of the catalyst was the 12.5 million tons of perfectly good fabric that ends up in landfills each year. The other motivator was the airline industry's large carbon footprint, and the clear need to do something about it.

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ideas & concepts

Q&A: Is recycling worse than “waste-to-energy”?

2 Oct , 2014  

Question: So, I'm befuddled about a claim made by a smart man that I was at a dinner party with. The man was CEO of a waste-to-energy company and now heads up a group that conducts independent studies on public policy matters. He claims that they ran a study to determine if recycling was really better for the environment than traditional waste removal.

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The Street Store goes global

28 Sep , 2014   Video

In January of 2014, two South Africans invested a little time and thought to creating the Street Store. It is a pop-up clothing exchange where very low-income and homeless people can select clothing they want with dignity.

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Zero Waste

It’s useless.

22 Sep , 2014  

Most of it comes from the near-by shopping malls. No one wants it because it isn't cool to want it. Even if they don't mean to. But that's why what Buddy and Barb are doing is actually cool.

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Circular Economy,ideas & concepts,new products,technology

A new normal for furniture: 3D-printed, local, recyclable, biomimicking

4 Sep , 2014  

Lilian van Daal designed a chair prototype that she hopes will solve the problems inherent in traditional composite furniture. Her single-material chair was inspired by the cell structure of plants and manufactured using a 3D printer.

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The conversation about zero waste is global… almost.

22 Aug , 2014  

Today we've been playing with a new tool developed by the computer science group at MIT. Map-D is a super-fast database that allows you to "query, analyze and visualize billions of data points in milliseconds". The tool allowed us to see the growing trend of Twitter posts from around the world using the words "zero waste". #zerowaste

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