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You may have heard this at the Food, Farming & Future conference at MIT…

2 Sep , 2017  

If you've regularly read On the New Economy, or our various posts about biomimicry, affordability, inclusion, zero waste, and hacking you'll understand the content in this video.

If you actually were at the MIT Conference on Food, Farming and the Future, you'll hear why these words sound familiar (although there's a lot of the substance missing).… [Read the rest]

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Fuel from Sunlight, Water and Air

3 Jun , 2016  

Have you heard about this? In 2011, MIT published an article about MIT Professor Daniel Nocera and his team. They'd done something impressive: they'd created an "artificial leaf".

Leaves convert carbon dioxide, water, and some salts into carbohydrates via photosynthesis, a complex process that uses the energy from the sun and chlorophyll (the green pigment in leaves).… [Read the rest]

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Recycling old car batteries into low-cost solar cells

26 Aug , 2014  

MIT professors Angela M. Belcher and Paula T. Hammond and a small team of researchers have proposed a system to harvest material found in old lead-acid car batteries and to recycle it into photovoltaic solar panels.

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The conversation about zero waste is global… almost.

22 Aug , 2014  

Today we've been playing with a new tool developed by the computer science group at MIT. Map-D is a super-fast database that allows you to "query, analyze and visualize billions of data points in milliseconds". The tool allowed us to see the growing trend of Twitter posts from around the world using the words "zero waste". #zerowaste

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