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Citizens vs Patriot Acres: A Compost Controversy in Chicagoland

25 May , 2017  

Patriot Acres' Site Plan in Des Plaines, IL near Chicago

When it comes to issues concerning our global economic and ecological future, it is all too easy to frame the discussion as a binary debate. … [Read the rest]

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Recycling, composting and tiny houses in Las Vegas: we’re a new country in the making.

12 Jul , 2015   Gallery

Las Vegas is recycling everything?

If you go to one of the big a Las Vegas casinos, look for the words codegreen. They are hard to miss. You'll find codegreen on a flyer on your bathroom counter and on the trash bins in the lobbies.… [Read the rest]

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healthy soil = healthy planet

29 Sep , 2014  

Here is a photo snapped at the People's Climate March in NYC - 2014. #PeoplesClimate #climate #compost #wastenot

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Fenugreen’s FreshPaper tackles foodwaste in your very own fridge

6 Sep , 2014  

FreshPaper is a new product from a start up called Fenugreen that prevents common bacteria and fungi from growing in kitchens and refrigerators. It keeps fresh fruits and vegetables fresh two to four times longer.

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The conversation about zero waste is global… almost.

22 Aug , 2014  

Today we've been playing with a new tool developed by the computer science group at MIT. Map-D is a super-fast database that allows you to "query, analyze and visualize billions of data points in milliseconds". The tool allowed us to see the growing trend of Twitter posts from around the world using the words "zero waste". #zerowaste

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Zero Waste

A new book: The Zero Waste Solution

4 Mar , 2014  


A new book by Paul Connett (with a foreword by Jeremy Irons) aims to tell activists, planners, and entrepreneurs how to consume less, turn organic waste into compost, recycle, reuse,  demand non-wasteful product design, and create jobs.… [Read the rest]

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