Open-source farm machine blueprints (TED Talk)

7 Sep , 2016  

Marcin Jakubowski is helping to make the blueprints for 50 farming machines open source. His efforts should help anyone to build their own tractor or other tools from scratch and help make our lives more self-sustaining.… [Read the rest]

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Biomass gasification-derived bricks and concrete

6 Sep , 2016  

New materials for closed loop systems?

What would you build a house with? A technical report published by ISTC claims that the ash produced from biomass gasification can become bricks and concrete.… [Read the rest]

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Fuel from Sunlight, Water and Air

3 Jun , 2016  

Have you heard about this? In 2011, MIT published an article about MIT Professor Daniel Nocera and his team. They'd done something impressive: they'd created an "artificial leaf".

Leaves convert carbon dioxide, water, and some salts into carbohydrates via photosynthesis, a complex process that uses the energy from the sun and chlorophyll (the green pigment in leaves).… [Read the rest]

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Consignment or New

14 May , 2016  

I cannot lie, I am a huge fan of consignment stores and thrift shops. I love getting hand-me-downs and working with anything vintage. But, when I recently began shopping for my baby-to-be, I realized that used may not always be the best option.
[Read the rest]

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The red pill or the blue pill?

10 May , 2016  

precious_plastic-problemOkay, we've got a problem with plastic. It's a big one. No surprise. It doesn't break down into something useful for other creatures, like leaves or twigs do. It can kill wildlife when left out in the wild.… [Read the rest]

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Must watch: More Than Honey

12 Apr , 2016   Video


Okay, it's pretty tough to watch. You should know that before you sit back on your couch with some popcorn to watch More Than Honey.

But, this is a must-watch for anyone working on food systems.… [Read the rest]

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Waiting for Spring

23 Mar , 2016  

I started the IVF process with the hope of a bounty of eggs, and ultimately a bounty of embryos.  I knew that all the drugs I was taking would help me cultivate follicles the size of grapes full of juicy, gelatinous, goo that housed little, almost microscopic eggs, and the number of follicles I was producing was plentiful. … [Read the rest]

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Upcycle a desk from gross to gorgeous

24 Feb , 2016  

A little while ago we found this great photo diary from a dad remaking a desk for his daughter. The comments are funny, the pictures are many. We enjoyed the comments the most.… [Read the rest]



21 Feb , 2016  

Here’s an update.  I moved next door to my brother in August in the hopes that as a single woman I would have family support when I got pregnant from sperm from a sperm bank. … [Read the rest]