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Understanding the concept of Zero Waste

10 Mar , 2014  

The term “zero waste” is hotly debated. The debate is whether the scope of zero waste is “post-discard”/total recycling of materials (sometimes including energy recovery), or the reuse of all materials from extraction through the entire materials life-cycle.

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2 Radical New Ways to Get Paid for Positive Environmental Action

8 Mar , 2014  

Health insurance that uses garbage as financing tool

There is a clear and dramatic link to health and sanitation in Indonesia and if you have not heard, Dr. Gamal Albinsaid, a young award-winning Indonesian doctor, created a micro-insurance program to help the poorest people in Indonesia gain access to health care and education through sanitation.

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Are mushrooms the new plastic?

7 Mar , 2014   Video

Eben Bayer, a product designer speaks about a new, fungus-based packaging material that protects fragile things and the environment. He is co-inventor of MycoBond, an organic adhesive that turns agriwaste into packaging and insulation.… [Read the rest]

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What is the Circular Economy?

6 Mar , 2014  

With all the attention being drawn to the concept of the circular economy, it is easy to take for granted what it means. A regenerative, circular economy, as explained in the video of Ellen MacArthur on the BBC news, looks to align product innovation and design with the recovery of the materials used to create products. The concept is common sense, though not easy to communicate in soundbites.

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Visualize the supply chain that made your Ikea bed

6 Mar , 2014  

With the supply chain visualization tool created by Sourcemap, people and businesses can see the supply chain that helped bring the products they buy to them.

An example is the Ikea Sultan Alsar bed.… [Read the rest]

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Why the EU is adopting a circular economy to drive growth

5 Mar , 2014  

Dr. Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, spoke about the 2014 Resource conference. In his brief remarks, he spoke about the out-dated resource-intensive models of doing business.

He said:

The circular economy is revolutionary, please forgive me the pun.

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WRAP’s Waste Prevention Loan Fund

5 Mar , 2014  

WRAP is a European private, not-for-profit company with an independent Board of Directors that began operating in 2000 to help recycling gain some footing in the UK. The consortium partners with businesses, trade organizations and local governments to create markets for recycled materials.… [Read the rest]

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Glass Lab: local collection, processing and recycling

5 Mar , 2014  

Artist, designer and inventor Diana Simpson Hernandez created a prototype to recycle glass on site.  The Mexican-born recent graduate of the Royal College of Art in London won recognition for her graduate work in sustainable design thinking while at the school for Glass Lab.… [Read the rest]

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