On the New Economy was created to make it possible for people passionate about changing the way business is done to connect their ideas, products and services with this community and vice versa. There's no better way to accelerate change.

That being said, the FTC requires that bloggers disclose if there are any hidden interests or biases that could unfairly influence readers. Per the FTC rules, if someone we interview grabs the bill for lunch, we would need to let you know. The same is true if we use links to Amazon that make us 6 cents, or if we are gifted a hat with a logo and wear it on a photo, etc.

To prevent sprinkling disclosures all over our content if and when they're needed, please assume that all the following are true:

  • Someone bought us lunch
  • Someone have us some swag
  • Someone gave us money
  • Someone gave us stocks
  • Someone gave us a gadget

We hope you buy and/or establish relationships with the products and services featured on this website based on your good judgement and our reviews. If you find something horribly wrong with one of our recommendations, we're sorry. Please let us know what you found. We didn't make it, but we'd be happy to pass the information on to the vendor who made it.

You can also contact us if you would like to advertise your product or service.

(Thanks to Tim Ferris for providing an example of a disclosure policy.)