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Living Buildings: Thinking Outside the Pipe and other resources

13 Sep , 2016   Video

livingbuildingchallengeIf you live in any area that's prone to drought, you are already thinking about how to manage water. Here are some creative ways that others have come up with to meet the challenge of preserving water.… [Read the rest]

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There’s plastic in the water

6 Oct , 2015  

Originally posted by ecotulip on October 20, 2010

The problem is that it’s too small to take it out. That’s what Captain Charles Moore told us last year during a presentation on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that he discovered.

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Local upcycling economies, how do they work?

22 Sep , 2015  

***UPDATE 10/29/16***

There's been a lot of interest on this topic! I've added a few videos that explain time banking and mutual credit systems at the end of this post. They came from the Open Source Currency and New Work New Culture websites.… [Read the rest]

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Why First Generation Farmers’ Incubator Didn’t Get Funded

7 Jan , 2015  

First Generation Farmers wanted to create an incubator program. It tried to do it on Kickstarter, and failed.

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5 Reasons Why Zero Waste/Circular Economy Advocates Need New Infographics

14 Nov , 2014  

We need clear, actionable, consistent infographics to communicate zero waste and the circular economy.

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The controversy over biosolids compost

5 Nov , 2014  

Does compost made from biosolids (human waste/"sewer sludge") perform the same way as compost made from food scraps ("food waste"), chicken and cow manure, yard trimmings ("green waste") or MSW (compost derived from mixed trash)?

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On the New Economy is global!

3 Nov , 2014  

Although On the New Economy is less than one year old, we've already seen incredible growth and interest around the world.

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