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Living Buildings: Thinking Outside the Pipe and other resources

13 Sep , 2016   Video

livingbuildingchallengeIf you live in any area that's prone to drought, you are already thinking about how to manage water. Here are some creative ways that others have come up with to meet the challenge of preserving water.… [Read the rest]

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The 500th Street Store and more!

12 Sep , 2016  

In just 2.5 years the Street Store has helped 500 events to connect the "haves" and "have nots" in a humanistic way, all around the world. And now there's more. On 25 September from 10:30am to 15:30, the co-founders will be at The Salesian Institute, 2 Somerset Road once again to announce their new project.… [Read the rest]

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Biomass gasification-derived bricks and concrete

6 Sep , 2016  

New materials for closed loop systems?

What would you build a house with? A technical report published by ISTC claims that the ash produced from biomass gasification can become bricks and concrete.… [Read the rest]

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The red pill or the blue pill?

10 May , 2016  

precious_plastic-problemOkay, we've got a problem with plastic. It's a big one. No surprise. It doesn't break down into something useful for other creatures, like leaves or twigs do. It can kill wildlife when left out in the wild.… [Read the rest]

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The MIT Sustainability Summit on April 24 and 25 will be on the circular economy

4 Mar , 2015  

I'm proud of the students at MIT for focusing on how we fundamentally change how we do business in an environmentally and socially aware time. That photo of the frozen wave off Nantucket finally made it on to my internet browser and I thought--wow, now is the time to make the circular economy a reality, on a wide scale.… [Read the rest]

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Why First Generation Farmers’ Incubator Didn’t Get Funded

7 Jan , 2015  

First Generation Farmers wanted to create an incubator program. It tried to do it on Kickstarter, and failed.

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The 5 Next Challenges to Sustainable Investing

30 Oct , 2014  

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is a growing force in markets across the world. Sustainability initiatives can contribute to shareholder value: growth, productivity and risk management, but there are challenges.

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A long hard look at Waste to Energy

6 Oct , 2014  

WTE, EfW and energy recovery’s promoters have made bold statements about the sustainability of their business model, but their claims of sustainability are usually made only in terms of energy—energy produced, energy “recovered”—or in terms of being less bad: less mercury and dioxins created than through burning coal.

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