Why aren’t there a ton of companies making sustainable living possible?

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We believe every single one of us has a solution to climate change, waste and unsustainable-living. Our mission is to spread the word about the solutions you come up with so that we can save the only place we call home.

We've been online for less than five years, asking and challenging ourselves to come up with solutions, not just problems. You already know that climate change is real and caused by us people. What do you do about it?

Who we are

Malaika, John and Jesse. We are curious, diligent, thoughtful. (Malaika said that.) We are determined, enthusiastic, practical and willing to try and we think it's better to try something than think you can't do anything. What are we doing? We're...

OTNE1Accelerating the Transition to the New Economy

Maybe you're already driving less, reusing paper, wood, clothing and everything available to you. You may be composting at home, keeping bees, and shopping for local, organic food. Great! What's the next step?

We are all embarking on a new way of living and doing business.

Imagine you pay for your doctor's visit in recyclable materials, not in dollars. What if you could upgrade your old laptop while keeping the core shell in tact? What if you could make your scrap clothing into insulation or padding for a car seat, or even better, into clothing and get paid for it? You can.

Individuals, businesses and communities are redefining "waste" to drive sustainable living on our planet, save natural resources and grow financially. They're also thinking hard about how much money is enough to pay someone, teaming up to share shelf-stocking tasks so everyone gets paid, and building new co-ops and tiny companies.

We track the latest news and headlines in emerging sustainable business models and offer great resources to get you involved in our new economy.


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